Levels? Long winded post!

Lauren • momma to HB 💜 June 2019 • RJ 💙 November 2020

So I have no idea how far along I am. According to my lmp, I am 6 weeks today. However, my last period started January 20 while I had nuvaring in. After about a week, I took it out to attempt to have a regular period and try to regulate them (they were terrible on nuvaring). My period continues for another week, ending around around February 2.

I missed my February period and had positive pregnancy tests starting February 23. I have no idea when I would have ovulated as I just came off of birth control this same month and was not trying.

Anyway, I had my blood drawn on Thursday (4 days ago) and my levels came back at 173. Does that seem very low for 6 weeks?? They want to recheck them this week and see that they have progressed before scheduling an ultrasound.

Just wondering if my levels seem super low or if I just probably am not as far along as I should be based on lmp due to my birth control.

Any input is appreciated! This is my second pregnancy but it took over three months of being off bc to get pregnant with my first so this is strange to me!