School threats and coronavirus

You guys I’m scared. I’m in high school and hearing that the coronavirus has spread to America and is getting worse by the day is freaking me out really bad. Just when I thought my day was fine I get a call from the school telling everyone that we will have extra police on campus because there were threats in the bathrooms. My friend sent me pics she got from other people so I’m gonna leave them down below. Read at your own risk. I just want support because I’m really freaked out.

I’m just really scared for my own safety and I can’t not go to school because I have softball practice and I can’t get behind in my classes.

UPDATE: I didn’t go to school yesterday and neither did half the school. Although I did still go to practice at 3:30. They did find who did it and they’re having charges pressed against them but they won’t let out any other information. There was only ONE extra cop on campus yesterday and they act like they could do anything if something were to happen which is so annoying but it’s all good. I’m just glad everyone is safe.