Weight Loss


Alright , I know it gets posted a lot here , but those are usually the success stories . My only friends aren’t exactly the most helpful when it comes to it . I’m trying to lose weight , I have a gut that looks like i could be five months pregnant ( no offense ) . I hate being BIG . I weigh roughly 230lbs and I’m only 5’4 . Apparently , I don’t look it but i feel it whenever i try to wear “ sexy “ clothes or anything that’s form fitting . I feel like a hippo ! I’m embarrassed to go out anywhere because I feel ugly! I just want some tips on how to get rid of my stomach fat as well as breast fat . I AM DONE putting myself down and not going out because I feel unattractive . Any tips , advice , ideas ? I’d you have pinterest I’d gladly take a look at some ideas there . I’ve tried almost everything , stomach wraps , eating less , eating better , working out ... EVERYTHING ! Nothing seems to be working .