I had sex before 6 weeks pp

Before everyone goes off on me. I already know I made a huge mistake. I feel like such an idiot right now. Me and hubby had anal sex last night. It slipped out and went into my vagina . Like just his tip. I’m so scared and he always came on my butthole 😑 now I’m also scared it got inside of me. I know I literally sound like such a dumb ass right now like I got myself into this and made this decision and now I’m paying for it. Idk why I did it. I’m freaking out. I’m 4 weeks pp and had no stitches so I haven’t been in pain so I think that’s why I did it. I know just because I didn’t have stitches doesn’t change that I have an open wound inside of me. How high is the chance of me getting an infection now ? Or pregnant ? Idk what to do. I have no one to ask about this so I’m sorry in advance to anyone that reads this and is annoyed. How will I know if I’m getting an infection from this

Also I haven’t been in any pain since it happened and I stopped bleeding like a week ago so it’s just a brownish yellow discharge coming out for the last week