I need advice😩 I’ve hit a brick wall..

So on December 20th,2019 I was told I had a completed miscarriage. I was only 3 weeks and I bled from December 17th(right after I found out) till the 28th and then come January and I bled the 15th through the 25th..now here’s the weird/confusing part. My HCG was 26.6 on December 20th at the hospital..it went up to 53,down to 10 and then last it was drawn and checked was January 31st and it was 6.1,my doctor said which was back down to normal..so this is my question. My doctor isn’t much help is why I’m posting and asking..I had 3 days of brown discharge,not enough for even a panty liner and only when I wiped on the 14th,15th and 16th of February and I’ve had nothing since then. I’ve taken 3 tests and all negative and I’ve hit a brick wall. What should I do? I called my doctor almost 2 weeks ago and the nurse told me to just call when I start... but this is week 6 of not starting now... Any and all advice is very much appreciated, and thank you! Sorry it’s so long.