New wedding set (extra special)


So there is a long story behind this set. My mom died in 1995. I received the majority of her jewelry. My aunt asked for something of hers so I gave her her engagement ring. It was special designed by my father. She pawned it. In 2006 I was living in Louisville MY and THOUGHT I had found it. My step mom got it from the pawn shop for me. I was later burglarized. My whole jewelry box was stolen including that ring. I was recently informed that when you special design jewelry you can give the designer permission to reuse the design... The ring in MY was a replica... Now I'm back in the town it was pawned in... Once again I find it... NOW is a better chance that this is THE ring! My hubby and I discussed it and it is now my new wedding set! He was wanting to get me a new once since my first was silver and cheaper... He does not fully understand the significance behind him allowing THIS to be my set! He is so amazing!