Dear Husband

You've really done a lot to hurt me. Mentally you've strained me. You cheated 3 months into our marriage WHILE I WAS PREGNANT! You spent the day I was miscarrying with her instead of consoling me and my pains. You leave all day when YOUR DAUGHTER is here and I have to explain that she can't play with her father right now and has to wait. You yell at me over stupid shit. I know I'm a stay at home wife and I have jobs here I'm supposed to do but this house cant be perfectly spotless every single fucking day. I'm sorry I dont cook a hot meal every night because you complain that I cant cook. IM TRYING!! IM FUCKING LEARNING STILL AND YOU WONT TAKE THAT AS AN ANSWER. Physically you have put your hands on me in ways a man should never. You almost broke my finger last week...on purpose because I flipped you off for being a dick. You've threatened to hit me on multiple occasions and even come close. You wont let me get a job because you say I have to be here for your daughter since daycare costs too much. I chose to sit at home with her while you're off doing God knows what! You've convinced me to have sex with you multiple times when I didnt want to. Youve threatened to kick me out multiple times. I'm at my fucking breaking point! I want to leave, but I can't. Wanna know why? Because no matter how much I want to hate you... I still love you. My heart yearns for your touch and the good days. I can't push myself to leave... I'm sorry but you're a prick and a shitty husband... but I love you.... maybe I'm the idiot afterall.


I left you and I've never felt more free. I'm so glad I'm gone and we're finalizing our divorce. I am so much happier away from you. You're out of my life and I couldnt be happier!