Not normal baby lol

Ever since my daughter was born I feel like shes been leaps and bounds over where 'normal newborns' are, at least in some areas. We never got the sleepy kind of carefree newborn stage, shes always been alert to her surroundings. She HATES being swaddled which has made sleeping a bit challenging as she only really sleeps good when you're holding her. So my hubby and I take turns sleeping in a chair with her ( I know not ideal but we were not comfortable with her in bed with us). Anyways now shes finally starting to sleep in her crib (skipped the bassinet next to the bed phase as that didnt work either) and I've found if I keep a small (keyword small) stuffed animal at hip level it calms her reflexes. Now I'm sitting here at 3am contemplating how safe that is but its has to be better than holding her to sleep.......sleepless ftm 😴