L • Mom of 2 boys. MC. unexplained secondary Infertility. 3 Failed IUIs. IVF cycle started April 23.

I went for baseline cycle scan friday bc we have failed 2 <a href="">IUI</a>, and 3 mos of TI. We have 2 kids at home so secondary unexplained infertility.

Anyways. I have a 23mm cyst on my left ovary. And one on the right I think. I think we triggered wrong last month bc she saw the cyst and thought it was a mature follicle.

Femara can cause cysts? Do they just hang out and resorb themselves? I dont want them messing things up. As fas as I know, I've never had them before. I'm concerned we may have to take a break from meds if they don't go away and we're too old to wait. Lol. Im 37 hes 40.

I go back Sat for a cd9 scan. Ill ask these questions then.