Pregnancy Worries- Ectopic


Hey everyone! I’m 5 weeks 2 days today! I found out 2 weeks ago almost that I was pregnant at 10DPO!

My levels are:

11 DPO- 35

13 DPO-82

17 DPO- 727

19 DPO- 1745

So far my levels have been fine! I’ve had slight pain on my left and right side that kind of feels like cyst pain. I’ve had a 3.5 cm cyst on my right ovary for over a year that’s completely benign and I know I have a corpus Luteum somewhere. After 3 miscarriages (not ectopic) I’m terrified! I’m worried about an infection ectopic mostly because of this one sided pain. It’s definitely not too painful. Probably only like a 1 but I’m paranoid. I’ve had barely any cramping just the norm and no spotting. Anyone with encouraging words or insight? Anyone feel comfortable sharing about their ectopic symptoms?