I Need To Understand!!! No Ring 💍


My boyfriend and I have been on/off for 10.5 YEARS now. We’ve officially been together this time for about 2 years.

He has me saved in his phone as “Mrs.” and tells people I’m his wife... but I don’t have a ring, a marriage license/certificate- We aren’t even engaged. I’m owner of the title “Girlfriend” and “Mother of his children”

Here’s what we do have: We have a daughter together, and now a second child on the way (12 weeks, 4 days.) We live together in a home we’re renting to own. - I’ll be 25 in May, He’ll be 24 in August. We have been on/off since 8th grade.

I don’t know why it irritates me that he does this, other than I don’t legally have the title. But it endlessly annoys me. Am I being crazy here? I feel like I should be flattered but it’s been going on for so long now, it’s almost as if my patience has run out. Why doesn’t he just take the fucking step if he feels that way? It feels like he’s dangling it in my face but makes no attempts to TAKE THAT STEP.

I’ve talked to him about it and he says he won’t propose until he can afford the wedding of my dreams. The wedding of my dreams is a $105 ring, a private ceremony, and an all you can eat buffet of wings with wine. That doesn’t cost a fortune to make happen... some guys propose and get married at the courthouse. Some guys propose when they feel the moment is right. I feel like mine is dragging his feet and only acting like he’s married because he gets the best of both worlds, without the legal commitment.

I just... I don’t know why he tells people I’m his wife, when clearly we don’t even have the same last name, I don’t have a ring, I don’t have the paper stating I’m his wife, not even a freaking engagement or proposal, or a measly promise ring to solidify it’s in the future..