Baby #2 is definitely a surprise!!!


It’s kind of a funny story actually,...

My husband and I have a 10 month old son.

At the end of last year we decided we would start TTC being that we wanted our kids to be close in age. All of a sudden a lot of the couples in our friend group were announcing pregnancies, which only made it more exciting to think about all of our kids growing up together! After a few cycles of intense ovulation tracking, BDing, and testing, we gave up, deciding that we should wait a little while before having a second baby and I decided to register for a few classes to go back to school and finish my degree.

Last cycle we had ONE unprotected BD, which happened to fall on the day before ovulation. I wasn’t really keeping track at that point, we had also bought condoms and were using them.

Today I was experiencing some light cramping, fully expecting my period since it was supposed to start today, but my cycles are irregular so i thought nothing of it. My husband got home and in the middle of pillow talk I told him how my day had gone, that I was cramping and that I was probably getting ready to start soon. He tells me that he had a dream that we had another baby and asks me if it was possible. My eyes were wider than saucers. I ran into the bathroom and plundered into my stockpile of tests from months before of TTC. I’m literally so shocked!!! I’m excited and happy but definitely am going to have to adjust to this new surprise with all of the plans we recently made!! You never know what life will bring you. 💜