Did i do anything wrong?

So we just got a new apartment and I’m also getting sick it’s my day off and once again the girl who never is reliable calls into work when she’s supposed to work a double. My boss who is my uncle calls me multiple times and texts me asking if I can cover her shift if she can cover mine. Her shift is a double mine is open to 4 the next day. So how does that work. My boss realizes that and asks me to come in till 3 when he first asked I had told him I’m busy today with our new apartment organizing and moving stuff around and that later around 4 or 5 we’re going grocery shopping so I couldn’t come in today and he still asked me if I could work till 3 and I still told him the same thing because I’m not lying and because I’m family they guilt trip say they rely on me more than anything. But they don’t pay attention to this girl who calls in more than anything. Has to switch shifts all the time (with me) because of her babysitter. Doesn’t show up till 5 minutes after she’s supposed to be there so often. But yet they’re still gonna find something that I did wrong on my day off. But maybe I did something. I even said I’m sorry I couldn’t come into work.

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