Family don’t like boyfriend

My family don’t like my boyfriend and while I understand their concerns, I want to stay with my boyfriend and make our relationship work.

For some context, I am 27 and live in a different city from my family (about 2 hours away) but we are very close. My boyfriend and I broke up for a day because of some issues that he had with my family, issues that weren’t unfounded. I was devastated and my parents have now said that he’s abusive and that I’m going back to an abuser who doesn’t respect me. My boyfriend has never been abusive in any sense. He made a mistake and I was upset, but we talked about it and he accepts that he was wrong. We have taken a step back from doing family things with each other’s families, but I haven’t taken a step back from my own family.

Has anyone else gone through something like this?

I love my family and I love my boyfriend and the love that I have for one, as far as I’m concerned, shouldn’t impact the other.