I might have HPV

So I’m 21, and just had my first Pap smear, where I go they refuse until you turn 21.

I’ve had a long, sexual history and have had unprotected sex with 4 of the 22 guys I’ve been with, a lot I know. Long story short my last boyfriend of 3 years whored me out to random guys, it was humiliating and I was able to leave.

I’ve been with amazing guy for 4 months and we don’t use protection. I always checked if they were clean and they said yes, but now idk.

I got the pap down on my period, and just today, 2 weeks later, I get a call saying they found some cell abnormalities and want to me to see a gyno. I said okay, thinking they wanna double check.

Just look online on patient portal, they already diagnosed me with HPV.

But it turns out my mom had it, has for years.

Mom says there’s a massive chance they messed up but part of me wonders if I got it from her?

Apparently it’s really common and most woman have it so I know there’s a chance a past partner didn’t know he had it.

Given the fact my doctor refused to acknowledge I was sexually active till now it’s possible I’ve had this for. A couple months, or 3 years, I have no idea.

They did misdiagnose my mom with gonorrhea once, same period issue, and they were wrong.

I know I’ll be okay, and yes I plan to tell my boyfriend If I do have something, he knows my history and we both knew the risks. I’m just thankful is I do have it, it’s at least pretty harmful.