Could i b pregnant Please answer 🥺

Ima start from the beginning. My last period was from February 11th - 15th and my ovulation from this app says it started on 24th of February till the first of March, me and my SO decided to do things since the last time we did the magic was of May of 2019, we started to do oral activity’s and kept switching positions every 10-20 mins or so and I’m not sure if he had pre cum or cum around his area, after that he went to go wash his hands and dry them to touch my area, once we finished that we decided to take a condom and use it but we only decided to do one stroke because we didn’t want to get scared like in May 2019, so we went to the bathroom tested the condom ti see if it had holes, it didn’t. Now my period was suppose to come around the 11th of March and I’ve been feeling moody, had white discharge, tired, boobs been hurting, cramps, not being able to sleep. Now i an 5/6 weeks late and im starting to feel nauseous idk if that’s to me over thinking or cuz of my body, I’m staring to get very nervous, we are to scared to take a test but if there’s a point when we have to we will, hope you can help me with my propone and vote what yall and i would really appreciate if you comment below why you think i am or not pregnant 🥺❤️

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