Sarai • 💕 2-21-19

I am on the verge of a mental meltdown!!!!

My husband is amazing, he has helped me since day 1! He feeds, changes diapers, does bedtime routine, bathes, cleans the house, cooks. He is a real partner & present parent & I love him!!!!

The kicker right now is MY DAUGHTER DOESNT WANT HIM ANYMORE!!! She used to be fine alone with him, like if she saw me walk away she would just keep playing. NOT THE CASE ANYMORE!!! She literally throws a fit when he tries to hug her or kiss her, or help me out with her. If I leave the room she cries & tries to follow. I can’t even POOP in peace (when he’s around I always get some alone time)

For the past 2-3 weeks I’ve noticed it’s gotten really bad! So now he can’t help out as much & im losing my SHIETTTTT!

Today he witnessed a major baby fit & I saw his face change. After I put her to bed he just hugged me. I started crying y’all!!! I’m out here trying to keep it together but man did it feel good to let those tears go.