FTM and not sure what’s normal or not


So I can definitely tell I’m getting close to the end. I am 35W 1D and I just started feeling like he is really low which I know happens towards the end...but there’s so much pressure when i stand or even turn over In bed. To the point where it’s painful. It’s not a cramp like a contraction but it’s this dull continuous pain unless I’m sitting down. I initially thought maybe UTI but it doesn’t burn or anything when I go to the bathroom. I’ve had lots of tummy issues as well and not sure if it’s the pressure down there or what. But it’s just uncomfortable and I’m not sure how uncomfortable I need to be before I call the doctor. With all of this going on I don’t want to call for nothing if it’s normal. I go on Monday anyway so I will definitely ask then too I just wanted to see what you all thought