Scared my mom has COVID..

I know people are tired of seeing posts on the topic but I need some advice.

My fiance and I have a 7 month old and we currently are living with my parents.

Last Sunday they got back from a cruise that went to the Caribbean. Today is day 7 of them being back and day 4 of my mom getting a cough and it progressively getting worse. She is 50 and a smoker and says it's just a smoker cough. But the cough didnt come on until a few days ago.

My dad has asked her to just go to the doctor and she refuses because she doesnt have a fever. Like even if its just for piece of mind. She keeps sneaking kisses on my baby and keeps coughing without covering her mouth..

I know small children arent at risk but you never know what could happen.

My fiance and I are contemplating staying in a hotel for a week. But then we're scared about any hotels sanitation.