I’m not sure wats going on

These are some pictures that I took a couple of weeks ago. Prior to this like a week before I had really bad cramps and I think that I had my period but it wasn’t really as heavy as normal then it stopped a week and a half later I had cramps again.. very mildly and saw this only when I wiped. After this I’ve been having slight on and off cramping and very very light spotting lbs off and on as well. Something else weird is I smoke weed very often the other day I smoked literally ONE time and I got dizzy and threw up which is very uncommon for me since my tolerance is high.. I’ve been having UTI like symptoms since yesterday night, feeling like I have to pee then only a little comes out and it feels like something is sitting on my bladder, literally a weird tingling weird feeling that I can’t explain lbs. do you guys think that I am pregnant? I’m really not sure lbs I’ve tested at the beginning of this month and it was negative but it was probably way too early for an at home test to pick up.