desensitizing my pup


My 10 month old pup is just now coming around to my daughter who is almost 4 months old. We are still having a few issues desensitizing her to the baby. She keeps having accidents in her kennel (she is completely potty trained and didn’t start this habit until the baby came along) and she isn’t in the kennel anymore than she was before (only at night when we sleep or aren’t home, which one of us is always home). She still acts scared of her and is really uncomfortable around her. I’m scared that when she starts crawling around she may try to act some way with her. What can I do to make her more comfy? I’m not mad or upset with her because she went from being a “only child” to a big sister and is still trying to adjust, but I also don’t want her to be afraid of her because my daughter ALREADY loves her.