What are y’all doing about it? Are you still asking people to get you stuff and have it sent to your house? Are you rescheduling into April or having a welcome home shower type thing??

Edit: I’m asking because we were supposed to have two (not how we planned it and not hosting either one). One was supposed to be yesterday but MIL ended up cancelling and doesn’t seem like she’ll reschedule or anything (not complaining, just saying lol) and my mom was going to throw one April 4 but she’s scared she might have to reschedule. My moms wasn’t going to be anything huge, just a small get together. I can’t say the same about what my MIL had planned since she wanted to keep it a complete surprise. But my mom was saying that if only a few people say they’re going to the baby shower that she was going to reschedule it and have a welcome home baby shower, but if enough shows up then she’ll keep it for April 4. I’m just scared because as first time parents we don’t have any big things that we need for her, except for a car seat/stroller and baby monitor. I was hoping to have a baby shower before she comes because I don’t see a point in having one after. It’s frustrating because throughout the whole pregnancy we were told not to buy too much stuff and to wait for the baby showers because we’ll get a lot then and we waited and now they’re both either cancelled or postponed. And obviously we’re not mad at anyone, I guess we’re just frustrated with the situation. That’s why I’m asking what everyone else’s plans are to kind of get an idea to what we should be doing 😔