My 9 year old has a boyfriend!

Okay okay..not really but it was so funny, we just had to pick on her about it. So we pay someone to cut our grass, he happens to be a 24 year old guy, he's a very handsome young man. Anyway, he came today to do our grass and he texts my husband each time before he comes and he mentions to me how he's on the way. My 9 year old daughter jumps up and goes running to her room and yells "mom, where's my hairbrush" in which I reply I don't know, why? And she finds it and comes back to the living room brushing her hair, I ask her why she's brushing it again and she replies with "I got to brush it and make it look good before he gets here" my husband and I are like 😂😂 and say aww, you gotta get fixed up and looking good for your boyfriend huh. The look on her face was priceless! She turned bright red. 🤣🤣