Every time I cry I go into a horrible panic attack


And I’m not exactly sure why. I’m currently going through a break up and I’m trying so hard to stop myself from crying because even when I slightly start crying, my breathing is shortened and my jaw and head instantly throbs. I spent most of last night crying and had a very long and lingual panic attack. It resulted in my entire jaw swelling so bad that I could barely close my mouth. Which made me cry even more because of the pain. The roof of my mouth felt extremely bruised for some reason and just my entire face and chest hurt so bad. This has never happened to me before.

I am trying not to cry about the break up because I know that it will go into a panic attack. How can I stop myself? I’m trying to distract myself because I just don’t want to put myself through that physical pain.

I’m not posting anon because I’m trying to be okay with my feelings. Be gentle please! 🥺