I am so torn.. what would you lady’s do if something like this happened..


So last night my SO and I were going to bed and usually we have sex but he turned his back away and said goodnight. So I told him I wanted to have sex.. we haven’t in about a week and I just wanted to have sex with my man.. so when we were having sex he kept complaining he was tired within 2 seconds and said he was only doing this to please me and that’s not like him.. he usually LOVES to have sex and no matter how tired he may be he will still keep going at it until he needs to cum.. well I just say it was fine and that just wasn’t like him so I asked if anything was wrong. I grabbed his phone to see what time it was after because I couldn’t find mine and that literally flipped his switch. He literally tackled me to grab his phone and that’s not like him as well.. he usually lets me grab his phone no problem but not this time. Well things escalated quickly and after I gave him his phone back I had a bunch of questions running through my head like “is he talking to someone else” and “what could possibly be in that phone he literally fought me over” so I asked and he freaked. Told me I was a cunt, fuck my friends, fuck my mom, fuck my family. Told me he never loved me. Btw at this time my pants were still off and he said “put some fucking pants on whore” he told me to shut the fuck up and shoved a pillow in my mouth. He said we were done, that he didn’t care if I died, that he hated me.. he literally kept saying the nastiest things to me.. I could never say those things to him. After all that I said “I still love you no matter what happened” and asked why I was still there.. idk it’s just strange how he really got this mad all because of his phone and me asking if there’s something he’s not telling me.. I’ve never seen this side of him. I really am super hurt. I love this man but I can’t believe he could ever hurt me like that. Someone please give me some feedback..

Btw; I’m only asking for feedback because Reading all your responses reminds me of how shitty he really is and that I really deserve so much better. He makes me feel like I’m in the wrong and that’s why I end up staying because he makes me feel guilty. He’s so manipulative and it makes me sick how he could do that to someone he claims he loves. That night was the LAST straw with him. How could I have been so damn blind ?! He calls and texts me non stop.. I’ve broke up with him soooo many times because of how he treats me but he just can’t leave me alone.. I block him then he makes new numbers to contact me. I blame me because all he did I allowed I guess... he takes advantage of me and my love for him. He thinks he can treat me however he wants because I end up forgiving him because once again makes me feel like the problem.. but now I Definitely know I’m not the problem I can get a move on with my life. I’m FINALLY wiping my hands clean of him. Thanks for taking the time to respond everyone..