Could i be pregnant ☹️


Background info

Last period was from February 11th- 15th

Ovulation was from February 24th- March 1st

Had sexual relationships on- March 3rd

Question should i be worried? So the things we did was oral activity’s and kept switching positions every 20 mins and maybe some sperm fell on to my body or something ( I’m going crazy ) after we used a condom did one stroke and stopped because we didn’t want to get scared the condom wasn’t broken we tested it with water and had no holes now I’m 9 days late and worried, Ive been getting, lazy, tired, headaches, cramps, discharge, cravings and boobs been hurting a little. I wanted to take a test today but due to the virus I’m stuck home and can’t go out for at least 2 weeks and i just want o know if i am pregnant or not olease help a girl out and thanks for hekping and reading my post 🥺❤️