Hello all,

I'm just looking for a little encouragement. In short, I've never had a regular cycle as far back as I can remember. I was told I have PCOS about twoish years ago. There was a lot of hopelessness, guilt, and anger there for a while. Fast forward...I have been doing keto since early February 2020 and I've lost 20 pounds. Not all of it is fat but I feel and look much better. It hasn't changed anything per se' with my PCOS but it has changed my confidence and my slight addiction to Chick-fil-A (that sauce just makes me get the Christmas morning tingles 😂). Anyway I'm just looking for recipes/workouts/fun things to keep getting the weight down. I have about 30 more pounds to go. In the words of that guy from the Mummy "This is only the beginning" hahaha I'm a geek. Keep me encouraged!!