Pregnant mamas

Shelly • Mama to 👦🏼 Jesse 6/4/19 & 👶🏻 Jameson 3/11/22

I just want to keep the pregnant mothers in my thoughts and prayers right now. A lot of hospitals are starting to ban even spouses or one support person to be at the hospital when mothers deliver. I can’t imagine what kind of stress it’s putting on these pregnant ladies not too mention what kind of toll it’s going to take on the recovery process. I’m sure PPD will be on the rise as well. My heart just breaks 💔 and I hope they can find some sort of solution so mommas don’t have to go through it alone.

*My sister lives in another state with no family nearby. Her spouse is her only support system and as a first time mom she’s a wreck thinking about how she’s going to have to go through the delivery and recovery journey alone.