Cheating ? Should I be worried ?

Me and my bf finally moved in together and within a week of us moving he got an amazing job offer based off commission. He makes good money there but things are slow with sales due to quarantine so he comes home Thursday night and tells me he had his boss call his ex at work for a sale after explaining why he can’t directly talk to her . I’m like ok and asked him if she tried to contact him after that and he says yes she txt him trying to catch up and he said he didn’t respond .

Last night (Sunday )she txt him while we was watching a movie on his phone and I’m like why are you still talking to her and he says to secure the sale and she wants to meet up Wednesday for him to pitch to her . I’m like ok can I go and he says no offense babe but he probably won’t get the sale if I go . I said ok I asked if they spoke on the phone he said yes he called her for the sale (but that call had been deleted from his log) I’m like but I thought your boss called and he said he did but I called her first to break the ice and he deleted it cuz he didn’t want me to see the call and trip but he kept the messages. And I don’t even go thru his phone so things aren’t making sense... but her txt was About how he apologized “to break the ice” and now she wants closure . (They dated 2 years ago )

What do I do