Hate this nausea

I go Friday to check again how far I am exaclty. Had a US the 11th and I should of been almost 8 weeks cuz my last period was Jan 18th. Went and I was under 5 and it couldn’t be detected on the machine, she just saw a told sac. So ovulated late or something. Anyways I was excited cause I wasn’t getting any nausea. I was thinking I was one the lucky ones since I would be close to the second trimester almost. But nope. It’s hit full blown. I think I’ll be 6 weeks the 27th but ughhh I can’t stand anything. I crave stuff then get it and don’t want it, drinking water is making me nauseous to. I’m not throwing up just nauseous but it sucks I have to force myself to eat 😩