What would you do? (Read first)

I've been away from my husband for almost five months. His work told him he had to fill in at another site that is two states over back in October, two weeks before our second baby was born. He recently accepted a job transfer there, but that was before Coronavirus.

Now our house isn't selling. My job opportunities are dwindling. I'm still over here with two kids (ages 4 months and 2.5 years), and I miss my husband. This is taking a toll on us and we are fighting more, because we are both frustrated. He is missing crucial moments in our sons' lives. If we moved to be with him, we could get by on just his income but would not be able to purchase a nice home unless I had a job there too.

So we either keep waiting it out and hope our house here sells and buy one there with my income here and me and the kids will just move once I find another job. Or I can quit my job now and come live with him (they are paying for his apartment) and we can maybe rent for a year until I get a stable job and while our home here is on the market. But then if I find a job I don't know if there will be childcare for my babies since we don't know how long the shutdowns are going to last..

My heart tells me to move with him. My mind tells me we need to be more stable first, for our kids especially. We will have enough to pay bills and then some either way, but I also feel like we should save in case we need it due to the state of the world right now. I'm just so so sad all the time. That's my soulmate. I used to get upset when we would travel for work and be gone for a week at a time but this is unreal that it has been 5 months already. I never wanted this. We just did what we thought we had to do. I care about his career and don't want to make him give that up, but he says it's an option. We are talking about him coming home for a visit next weekend and I don't even think that's safe at this point (plane). I know you don't know the whole story and ultimately it's our decision, but what would you do?

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