Fiance broke up with me

So my fiance ended our relationship because he doesnt know what he wants anymore. However he also says he doesnt know if he wants us or if he wants a breakup. Fyi he cheated and doesnt like the fact that i vented to his friends and mine when he couldnt communicate with me. He says i humiliated him and he says he has anger towards me. I wanted to give it a shot and i keep fighting for us for some fucking reason but he is turning this around on me...

Was i wrong to come to his 3 close friends for advice?

He keeps saying he loved me but he doesnt know if he can overcome the humiliation.

He said he doesnt want to make me wait for his decision.

If another man enters my life, do I just say no and wait or do i do my own thing while he figured himself out? Help ladies...

I hate being in this position because i would always be quick to judge others who take back men who lie and cheat, or wait for a man.. but here i am feeling pathetic as ever