3 days late. Still getting BFN but POS OPK

Okay so I made a post previously but I didn’t really get an answer had anyone else experienced this?

So I was on the generic brand of Provera ( to bring a period every month) for 6 months. This month my doc wanted to see how I did on my own. I got a positive opk, had cramping at 7 or 8 dpo, few body aches and very watery slippery cm. Also my cervix has been so high I can’t reach it. The day AF was due I got a BFN then a pos on a opk ... see pic below

Pink is the opk obviously... but even with a FRER I’m getting negatives. So could I just be ovulating late? But then how would you explain my cervix being so high and closed. I’m so confused 😒