Really sad and just need to get this off my chest

My sister and I have never been close. Our entire childhood she made me feel stupid, useless, and excluded from the family. I really didnt have much support growing up and nothing ever came easy for me. I fought threw all my dark battles alone. Now that I'm 22 I have made efforts to forgive her and build a better relationship with her. I recently found out I'm pregnant. My boyfriend and I live with my parents only because financially they cant do it on their own otherwise I'd live in my own home. I knew my sister would not react well to me being pregnant. (She hates kids) She lives over 6 hours away from me. I didnt feel she deserved anything but either a call or text. My mom agreed not tell her in person because she lashes out when she doesnt like something. Its easier to ignore a phone call or text than someone screaming in your face. My mom felt for my safety and the babies it should be done over text because anytime this happens it becomes a physical fight. Anyhow, I texted her and she did exactly as we all expected. She lashed out and told me how much of a burden I always have been and always will be. She put down my boyfriend, put down my mom and me. As nice as it would be to actually have her support for ones I feel that I shouldn't keep people like that in my life. I have given her chance after chance and it always ends up back firing. I dont wont my child feeling unwanted like I did growing up. Would I be wrong for leaving her out of my life? My sister is with an abusive man. Shes thousands of dollars in debt and really if this man left her she wouldnt have anything. However she constantly thinks shes better. What would you do?