Just need to moan!


Last year was the worst of my life (or so I thought):

Early March - miscarried at 8 weeks

Late May - our 16 year old dog died and 4 days later I had surgery at 11 weeks pregnant to remove a missed miscarriage

Early September- pregnant again, yay! Early scan couldn’t find anything, suspected ectopic. Thankfully turned out to be ok but I had a few worrying bleeds.

December - MIL caused a massive rift over Christmas between them and my parents. On 29th December my brother killed him self and shortly after we discovered that his girlfriend had emptied his bank account just 2 days later.

Early January - bright red bleed but thankfully baby was ok.

I was so looking forward to this part of pregnancy where I could enjoy it after everything that had happened and have a rest before he arrives. Now with this stupid virus my son is missing out on school and as much as I love him it’s hard to run round after him and keep him entertained while heavily pregnant. Plus his 5th birthday party in May will be cancelled ☹️. I was hoping to spend lots of time with my mum after baby arrives but that’s unlikely. I’m just so disappointed that after everything we’ve been through this special time isn’t how I’d hoped for. I know it’s the same for all of us- just feeling sad.