Is it my turn yet? 😭🤞🏻Tmrw is 39 weeks


I slept from around 2am to now 6am

But not without waking up atleast 4 times and now I cant go back to sleep

I’m so freaking uncomfortable

My lower back feels crampy

I can’t get comfortable

And when ever I do get to sleep I over heat because of a mix of pregnancy and my thyroid being thrown off by pregnancy (I’m seeing a dr for it and taking meds for it)

I’m just frustrated

Like why doesn’t he want to come out?! Lol

And everyone keeps messaging me is he born yet?! You in labor yet?!

No I’m not!

And to top it off I was supposed to be induced at 37 weeks and they changed their mind the day before I was to be induced so that was just like bursting a pregnant lady’s dreams at the time I was already uncomfortable now it’s like 10/10 uncomfortable

So I’m just frustrated he’s still not wanting to be born

Everyone is like well he’s safer in there or oh you say you want him born until he’s here then you have to take care of him

It’s like no shit?!

Ugh when your this pregnant people are just annoying I know they don’t intend to but ugh

Anyone else fed up with being pregnant still?