2WW looking for a cycle Buddy!!!

Jennifer • I was diagnosed with PCOS 10/26/15. Expecting our 1st in Jan. 2021!!!!

Long post warning...I have to tell someone! Quarantine has me going crazy, my friends don’t know, (waiting to know if it’s real) and I’m going nuts!!

My DH and I have been TTC for 8 years. 😔 After years and many tears, we found out that I have PCOS; so I do not ovulate/grow eggs. (On my own). Since then we continued trying, and hoping otc meds and diet changes would help.

It didn’t; so after 5 years post diagnosis. My husband was ready to cum in a cup. I think he finally realized it wasn’t going to happen.

We went to a new Obgyn because my current was less than helpful. She found that my lining was 12mm this over double the normal amount, and that was after my “period”. And that my right tube was blocked.

I was referred to a specialist; had an endometrial biopsy; all clear.

Cleaned out my uterus with provera; all clear! And it cleared my right tube!

Week 1:

I started Letrezol (fumera) and metformin...nothing.

Week 2:

Upped Letrezol and metformin...nothing

Week 3

Upped Letrezol and metformin and added a steroid. And on Tuesday FINALLY; two eggs grew in my right ovary.

We BD Wednesday took a break Thursday. I took my ovedril at 10am Friday, we BD Friday, Saturday, Sunday. (36 hrs was 10am Sunday)

I’m currently in my tww- I’m CD 38, I’m 10dpo and currently going crazy wanting to test. 4 More days!!!!!

Anyone else? No? Just me? Oh okay.