Help me😬😬

Tamisya • Hi, my name is Tamisya I'm 17 years old I'm in a relationship 3 years now with the love of my life😊.
Ok I need some advice, I'm 16 and in a relationship with my boyfriend 3 years im also on the pill almost 2 and a half years  as we did not have sex until the end of the first year we were together. Recently (1-2 months ago) maybe longer.. I have not been enjoying sex AT ALL!! We used to have sex a lot and we've done everything  but I just don't know what it could be, I started a new pill around 2 months ago but I don't think it could be that, I would have the odd time when sex would be amazing and I could probably have an orgasam but lately it's just gone downhill.. I even cried the other day while we were having sex so we just stopped and today I just couldn't get horny at all so could someone please give me some advice? I also love him to bits and I'm very attracted to him so it's not like we have many issues😥