Naimah • 18 🌹 TTC w/ 1 Ovary 9 months 🌹 Cali Girl
I'm on the 5th day of my tww, and I'm just sitting here think long feeling like I'll never have the chance to be able to take a test resulting in 2 lines and this has been eating me up a lot lately. I started TTC back in April after I had 5 fibroids removed from my only ovary I lost my left ovary when I was 14 due to Ovarian Fibroma. I have done everything I can to help me conceive these methods; (Vitex, Fertility Charting, Pre-Seed, Soft Cups, Mucinex, Raspberrry Leaf Tea,Eveningn Primrose)  have failed Me but seemed to work with everyone else on the first attempt. I am so emotionally exhausted I don't know how to except the fact that I won't ever get a bfp.  It scares me and I don't think I've ever wanted anything this bad 💔😓