Fight or no?

I want family pictures. I'm sentimental about it because 1) I'm a photographer so I love pictures, 2) my son was diagnosed with leukemia this year, and 3) we've only had family pictures once and it was over 2 years ago. I asked my SO if I could set it up and he said yes. Well today I bought my son & I nice dress clothes to wear for the pics and my SO got mad when I told him I found a shirt I want him to try on. He said he's going to wear a hoodie because that's what he's comfortable in. He's overweight so that's all he wears, trying to hide it, and refuses to wear a nice button-down for the pictures. I'm really mad about this! Am I asking too much for us to have nice pictures? Or should I let him be comfortable and have weird looking family pictures? Remind you, this is a 15 minute mini-session that I set up. Can't he get over himself for 15 minutes?! 

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