Am I selfish?

My husband is not a very motivated individual. I didn't know the extent of this until we were married. His plan was to go to culinary school and he backed out because he didn't want to. Then he was going to go in the military and backed out. He was also unemployed for almost a year while I supported him. He's an amazing guy and he has the kindest heart, he just is slightly lazy. Most of it is due to his upbringing. His mom babied him and catered to him. None of her son's have gone college. She taught them as long as you are happy, do whatever you want. Even if it's nothing. I am the opposite. My mom has 3 degrees and taught me that I need to strive to be the best and educate myself. I am extremely motivated in life and after getting my bachelor's in philosophy, I am going to law school to be an attorney. My husband has no plans to go to school nor further his education. So here's the question....Am I selfish for not wanting him to live off my success in life? It makes me angry that I will bust my ass to provide a nice living for us and he will live off of that while being too lazy to go to school. Is that selfish? Or is that part of marriage (sharing success)?

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