Future Parents in law 💔😪

Ok so my boyfriend & I have been together for almost 10 months he is 18 & I am 19! His parents use to always be supportive with our relationship until Monday when he told them he wanted to marry me !! Obviously not any time soon !!!! Then they started saying that they wanted him to break up with me 💔 & saying that my family & I were bad people !!! It hurt me so much because I help them so much & do a lot for them !! They called me a hoe because they found out we were sexually active & said that I was a bad person!!!
He tried leaving yesterday but he ended up not doing it !! Then his parents talked to me & told me that they never said any of that & that they love me but that they don't want us to think about getting married yet !!! They also came to my parents about the fact that we had sex !!! Now they're not speaking to my boyfriend & his dad fired him from his job (he worked with his dad !!!) I feel so bad & I know it hurts him so much & I hate that it hurts me too !!! What should I do 💔☹