Don't Forget! You're a Princess πŸ‘‘

Al β€’ Married, Dog Mom, TTC 🌈β™₯️
This goes out to the women who are settling. Settling for the person who doesn't treat them the way they deserve.Β 
One of the hardest realizations that I had come to while in a relationship was realizing that the man that I was with did not value me. It's easy to say "Oh, I will never be that girl who lets a man forget her value," but unfortunately it happens. Before that relationship I was confident in being single and wasn't looking for anyone to change that, until I met him.
He made me feel different and special and like I was the only person in the world, but it was only temporary once he was sure that he had me all of that stopped. Once he had me, he didn't text me to ask me about my day or smile at me when he saw me walk past him in the office, he no longer made me feel like I was special. Instead he looked indifferent, like whether I was there or not, it didn't matter. All of the work and effort that he put in to get me, wasn't put into making me stay. So, I did two very stupid things that I thought would regain his interest. First, I argued with him about his lack of attention and affection and that helped zero, because he would just walk away and never adress the problem, which would just cause bigger fights. And second, I compromised something that I held so precious, my purity. (Stupid, I know)
I know, I know. Sex won't make him stay and blah blah, but I was desperate for him to love me how he had and for him to make me feel like I was the only person in the world that mattered. So giving him something that he knew was special to me I thought would make him realize how important he is to me, but it didn't help, if anything it plummeted me deeper into seeking his approval and love. Let me tell you this, giving him something that he didn't deserve was foolish and it's something that I can never get back, it wasn't worth that nasty comments and always being cut down by him. Though it may be to late to turn back on that, I learned a very hard lesson about guarding myself and holding out for my Prince Charming.
Before him I had never been with someone who made me work so hard for love (or I guess in my case attention that I thought was love). All of the attention that I gave him actually made him upset, go figure!Β 
So I tried to distance myself and talk to other people, well he didn't like that either. He always told me that I was flirting with guys and would get super angry at me. I would always over apologize for whatever he thought I did wrong, but when the shoe was on the other foot, the apology never came. In an actual twisted turn of events his actions actually were my fault which I also apologized for...
You see, this kind of stuff is the messed up stuff that you need to walk away from, better yet run away from. You are walking down a very bad road that is basically leading to self destruction.Β 
That is NOT love. I repeat! THAT IS NOT LOVE. End the manipulation, stop lying to yourself, and most importantly GET OUT! Staying with him will not better you.Β 
And if you are like me and have a hard staying away from that person that is bad for you, tell a friend and ask them to hold you accountable, to stay away from that person. It helps trust me.
I end this whole garbled article with this, never settle for someone who treats you like you are ordinary, rather be with someone who make you feel extraordinary!Β 
You are a princess and deserve to be treated as such and never anything less.Β