Weight Training While TTC/pregnant


My mum doesn't know I'm ttc, but she mentioned on the phone that if I start trying, I'm going to have to quit weight training.

I've had body image issues for a number of years now, and since I've gotten really toned up from lifting weights, I feelbreally good about myself. I even like looking in the mirror because I don't hate what I see anymore. It's a novelty.

Getting bigger with pregnancy freaks me out, and a friend of mine who recently had a baby and never had any issues with her body before admitted to me she's finding it tough adapting to her post-pregnancy body. How much worse will I be if I don't keep on top of things when I'm pregnant?

I really want to be a mum, so if I have to quit for a while I'll quit, and I'll deal with the feelings that come with that as they come. But is it true that I'll have to stop? I keep reading so many conflicting Internet articles about it but I can't waste my doctors time by bothering him with this stuff until I'm actually pregnant.

Has anyone here lifted through their pregnancy? How did you adapt your routine? How did it make you feel?