Dumb question (but that never stops me!)

Amy • 🌈
This is my second month TTC. Last month Glow predicted my most fertile day of the week was a Wednesday so we BD Mon, Wed, and Fri. I was curious about OPK and started using them and found out i didn't ovulate until Friday/Saturday that week.  I'm obviously not pregnant now or I wouldn't be asking this :)
Is there any chance of conception of you BD several days before ovulation? I know sperm can live for a few days in the body so is it best to BD when I'm getting close to positive OPK and then on the positive day or should we wait until it's positive and BD that day and the next few?
The reason I ask is that my hubbs is rarely in the mood and we argue about that and if BD'ing too early is pointless I'd rather wait til I'm definitely ovulating bc I doubt I can get him to do it more than 3 times that week.
Thanks for any advice!