Not following doctors orders

Teresa🐘🌿 • Miracle baby born 10/20/18
So I am sure I will get a ton of crap for this but I am NOT following the doctors orders. Earlier this week I was diagnosed with a Hemorrhagic cyst. I am currently going through testing to see why I am not fertile. So the nurse takes the ultrasound pictures to my fertility doctor and came back with a perscription of Birth Control. ***I didn't even see the doctor*** She said that they will check me again in a month and if the cyst is still there they will perform surgery to remove it. 
No. I am bitter that they want me on birth control and I refuse to take it. 😁 I took birth control once before and had a horrible experience... But the doctor wouldn't know that because he didn't even come into the room and talk to me. I refuse to take it.