Sex with a condom burns

So my boyfriend and i knew sex with a condom is probably the best way to do it right? But after using a condom a couple of times sex started to hurt more and more.. Without a condom and equally lubricated we can go for what feels like forever but with a condom i can barley last a minute. It honestly feels like it's irritating and burning the inside of my vagina. It's been a year now and during the beginning we never used a condom and it was fine but a couple months in when we started using a condom i couldn't have sex for a month or two because of the pain it left me in. To this day there is still minor irratation if we are going for a long time and i feel like its a rash or something inside my vagina from the condom.. Is that even possible? I have sensitive skin so could it just be me? We got the lubricated trojan extra thin condoms if that makes a difference. Can anyone suggests any solutions or relate?