How crazy can someone be??

So I tried and it actually works! I had no clue you can log into someone's email from a computer or another phone send them something and it appears in their sent folder from the real email owner phone. I admit I am nosy, my husband already knows it and don't care cause he says he has morning to hide. I look at his email and his ex gf who knows his password and such to his email had naked pictures. I got all emotional (31 weeks pregnant don't help either) but he had no clue where they even came from, I know it's not him doing it cause I told him if I left (we're married) not only would he lose me and his step son but he wouldn't have full custody of his new son when he's born. And he broke down like uncontrollably, not cause he did it cause he was scared I didn't believe him about it. She has been ever since we got together trying to slip us up and I know he ain't that dumb to EVER want to go back to her. (Emotionally abusive) and the fact I found trash bags of stuff she wanted to throw away before I came into the picture and it was all of his old baby stuff. I told him and he for upset cause he was actually looking for it and never knew she was trying to throw it away. Y'all may think I'm dumb for believing him, but until I had 100% proof that can't be explained I trust my husband