Hi.. please read!

I am so angry today, yesterday I found out I am expecting a boy. My family and husband family specially my mom and MIL want a girl, me too also but isn't something that I can choose. So, my mom two days ago told me to call her if it's a girl so yesterday we didn't call our fam, mom and mil. I received the call of my sister she was happy I am having another boy but I was hearing my mother telling her things that obviously hurt me. Telling her "oh no its not a girl so don't call me." My MIL knew it's a boy because husband told her but she didn't said nothing to him, she change the subject taking of her first great granddaughter. My husband feel so sad and angry at the moment. We don't understand why people not get happy about us having another boy. I notice when it's a girl everybody is there calling at you and asking how the baby is doing. But when it's a boy nobody cares and no gift no nothing. My third child it's my husband's first and nobody of his family was excited and never told him congrats. I just want to tell them a lot of things but I am so angry at the moment and I know I am not going to said something nice..