So excited. Xx


I feel so happy and excited as my lil sis is taking me to her 20weeks scan!.I feel so happy for her as she has always been there for me through the hard times when I lost my sons aged 3 and 22weeks and is my biggest supporter as ttc my Rainbow for long time.

She herself has been through so many struggles but is a fighter.I have always tried to be there for her too.She lost her first pregnancy at 7weeks and was devastated but I told her not to give up.I knew she would be a beautiful mama soon and four months later boom!.

I just feel so blessed to go with her on the 11th nov to see her precious bubs.I cannot wait for her to hold her baby for the first time as there is nothing more beautiful.

I love my lil sis more than life itself and cannot waut to enjoy precious moments with the baby.

Needing some good vibes for my lil sis who is everything to me ladies. Xxx.